Q. Who calls Miss Utility and why?
A. Dickerson Fence notifies Miss Utility so they will locate all public utility lines. Private lines will not be located by Miss Utility, the customer is responsible for locating these lines. Private lines would include irrigation, some private gas lines, private well and septic lines.
Q. Who will obtain permits for my job?
A. The customer if needed.
Q. Does Dickerson Fence Company provide a survey?
A. No, but if customer has a plot plan or survey markers normally this will be adequate for Dickerson Fence Company to install your fence. We highly recommend having a survey done if you do not know where your property lines are located. The customer will be responsible for where the fence is installed.
Q. Can my fence be installed on my property line?
A. We normally recommend that you stay inside your property lines about 6 inches but, some customers choose to stay inside property lines about 4 to 5 feet to maintain outside of fence area.
Q. Does fence add value to my property?
A. Yes, in many cases, a fence designed to enclose all or part of the yard will add to the value of the property.